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ADD-ON WORKSHOP  | Day 3, 30 November 2023



Throughout our childhood and working lives, we have absorbed so many images and messages about what a ‘good leader’ looks like, and how a ‘good leader’ acts and behaves. In so many cases, this stereotypical ‘good leader’ is quite different to how we see ourselves.


If we believe that the stereotype is ‘right’, and if we receive feedback about our performance as leaders, that the stereotype is ‘right’ and we are ‘wrong’, it is very easy to lose ourselves. My research found that so many leaders, especially women, were either (a) trying to modify themselves to be what they had been ingrained to believe was ‘right’ or (b) they would be themselves, but feel they were not measuring up.


This workshop helps participants to understand the value of diverse leadership approaches to an organisation. There is no ‘right’ leader. The workshop also focuses on the importance, and value, of being authentic. You, your staff, and your organisation will benefit when you are truly authentic and can bring your full self to work. There is no better version of you, than you!

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the misconceptions of what constitutes a ‘good’ leader

  • Understand the value of diverse leadership approaches

  • To value your authentic self as a leader

  • To bring your full self to work


Dr Ellen Joan Ford (Nelson) is an ex-army academic business mum, with deep expertise and practical experience in leadership, gender, well-being and the future of work. Ellen has spoken at TEDx Auckland in 2022, advised many corporate and government organisations, including the NZ Army, and her research and ideas to improve the working world have been published multiple times.

As a speaker, facilitator and consultant, Ellen helps organisations to remove structural barriers facing women and parents, while simultaneously experiencing improvements in organisational metrics such as: wellbeing, retention, leadership, productivity, innovation and business performance



Registration and Morning Refreshments


Session 1: Letting go of archaic definitions of ‘good’ leaders

  • How did we form these views?

  • Why have they persisted?

  • How do we let them go?


Morning Tea


Session 2: The value of diverse leadership approaches

  • Different strokes for different folks

  • Research on successful outcomes with different leadership approaches


Networking Lunch


Session 3: Valuing YOU

  • Understanding where our hang-ups come from

  • Understanding the detrimental impact of not being you.

  • Your unique leadership approach is good for you, for your staff and for your organisation


Session 4: How to bring your full self to work

  • Letting go of archaic paradigms

  • Gain confidence to be unapologetically you


End of workshop and Afternoon Tea

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