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Bursary Opportunities

Empower the next generation of female leaders by sponsoring undergraduates and postgraduates to attend the Women in Leadership Summit. This is more than just an investment in social responsibility – it’s a strategic move to strengthen your talent pipeline, amplify your brand, and innovate your recruitment approach.


Why be a bursary partner?

Enhance Your Recruitment Strategy and Talent Pipeline 

Select undergraduates and postgraduates to sponsor and engage with at the Summit, positioning your organisation as the preferred choice for emerging talent.

Strengthen Your Employer Brand 

Demonstrate your commitment to the development of female talent, effectively attracting and retaining top talent.

Cultivate Valuable Connections 

Through meaningful dialogue and networking opportunities, the Summit provides a platform for your leaders to mentor and connect with future leaders, facilitating deeper engagement before, during and after the Summit.

Be recognised as the Employer of Choice by your peers and emerging female talent.

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